The Alignment Journal is your guide to helping you rise each morning into Alignment.

This journal was designed to increase your clarity around your purpose and your daily inspired actions. By writing in this journal daily, you will become more mindful, live each day with intention, and increase all the high vibes in your life and business. 


The daily prompts in this journal along with inspiring quotes that were consciously selected will remind you of what’s most important to you and inspire you to take aligned action towards it. 


Each day also comes with a Dear Self page where you can free-write any thoughts of encouragement, self-affirmations, or reminders that you want to tell yourself. 


Learn how to set clear boundaries, connect your values, increase your gratitude, up level your abundance and tap into your gifts! 

I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I start journaling and don’t stay consistent.

Jazmin Valentin

I’ve always wanted to consistently journal and never stuck with it.

Jess English

I’m obsessed with starting my day with a good quote.

Brittany Galipeau​